Our Halloween

Happy Belated Halloween to everyone! I attempted a post on October 31st itself, but with so much to do there was no hope in accomplishing that one. Our Halloween was fun and also a bit hectic, but one can’t expect much different for the baby’s very first Halloween and the toddler’s fourth.

For a couple weeks straight my son asked every day if it was Halloween and finally I was able to answer him with a yes. He threw himself out of bed and thought we were going trick or treating right then and there, which obviously I had to explain wasn’t the case. We spent our day watching Halloweeny cartoons, baking pumpkin seeds, carving dad’s pumpkin and getting ready for our big night out.

When we left to go trick or treating it was around six o’ clock and the city and towns around us put a curfew on Halloween for seven. Much like I thought though, no one really had the heart to turn off their lights and shun trick or treaters who showed up a little late. We went to the neighborhood that I grew up on and cut loose but this is where things got a little iffy…

Normally my older son is extremely well mannered, always sure to use please and thank you for even the littlest of things. Somewhere in the very beginning of our night, his manners got lost in his bucket of candy. The very first two houses that we went to allowed him to shove his little hands in the candy baskets and told him to take as much as he wanted. This, although very generous, led to a bit of trouble at other houses.

At one house a woman opened her door and placed a full size Snickers into his bucket, at which point he stuck his hand into the basket telling her that he would like the “orange one.” She laughed and allowed him to have both, we thanked her, apologized and turned to leave. The next few houses went well, he said “trick or treat” and “Happy Halloween” although we still had to remind him to say thank you. Soon we arrived to a house that had placed their candy bucket outside on the steps, surely expecting an everyone takes one system. I tell the little power ranger that he can have one candy and he begins looking for which kind he wants then stops, looks to me and says “I think I will just take all of they (them).” Oh, goodness… I talk him down to one and for the following stops as people try to place a couple in his bucket he is already elbow deep in theirs instructing them that he doesn’t like hard candies, he doesn’t like that kind, he prefers this kind, etc. My face must have been beet red in the wake of every comment he made.

We were only about half way through the neighborhood when he had decided that he’d had enough of trick or treating and just wanted to go see his grandpa and grandma at his uncle and aunt’s house. So we loaded up the car and drove into the city to attend my brother’s Halloween party. Here, of course, the toddler dove deep into his candy and ran around like a mad man with the other children. We had an amazing time at the party (despite the political debates that sprung out here and there). Around midnight, with both kids still clinging to consciousness somehow, we made our way home.

All in all, we had a wonderful night pretending to be a football player, a pirate, a power ranger and a monkey. Our son came home with more candy than any child his age should ever have and both boys made their way into dream land. The only real downer I noticed about Halloween this year was that yesterday, upon loading some groceries into the car, there were some splattered eggs on my back window.

(A little note about Halloweens past. My older son has officially been a box of popcorn, Spiderman, a member of the SWAT team (an “oppicer”) and now a red power ranger. And little man has now enjoyed his first night of Halloween as a little monkey).

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