My Three Year Old Told Me (V)

Lately, more than ever before, my toddler seems to be delivering some serious sass. Mostly for absolutely no reason and occasionally while pointing or wagging his little finger at me. Between the randomized sass and the funny comments, he always keeps me laughing. Here are some of his most recent funnies.

1. “You’re pressing my buttons.”
Like most things, I’m not necessarily sure where he got this from. He said this to me one day when I put him on the potty and told him I had to close the door.

2. “Say it to my face.”
Honestly can’t even remember what I was saying but I do remember that I was already saying it to his face.

3. “I’m not going to take that from you.”
This was one day when I told him to sit down because it was time for lunch, apparently he wasn’t interested in his PB&J that day.

4. (Me). “If you go poop you could have your leap pad, your blaster, and a cookie.”
(Toddler). “That’s too much stuff, it will be a long night.”
I was trying to get him to hurry up and go poop because he was taking his sweet time in the bathroom; reading books, and putting his socks on his hands. I tried to bribe him into going and apparently I was in party mode.

5. “I really don’t want to come out there ’cause I’m super tired.”
It was around 6:45 AM and he came out to the living room, looked at me and turned right around. He told me this as he closed his door and then shouted that he was “going back to bed.”

6. (Uncle). “You’re a super hero.”
(Toddler). “Yes … I am.”
This actually had me laughing out loud, his use of proper English in the weirdest moments seems so funny to me.

7. “You are a weird mom and you are fired and you are a cone head, ice cream head … strawberry.”
This is what I get for not calling somebody. On the way home yesterday, he told me to pull over and call someone for work. I told him I had no calls to make and was met with this response.

I hope you enjoyed this little list, I can’t wait to remind my son of these moments when he gets older. Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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