We’re Having A …

As I have stated in multiple posts and like my countdown on the site had shown, yesterday was the date of the big gender reveal. We hurried to the doctor’s office and waited excitedly and we found out ….

Nothing. We found out nothing.

At first the tech said that she believed we were having a little girl and I started crying, happy tears of course. I couldn’t believe that in a matter of months I would be holding my daughter. She went through and got pictures that she needed of the spine, heart, head and everything else. Then she passed back over the baby’s privates and said, “maybe, I spoke too soon. It might be a boy.” 

Obviously, we were still happy to be looking at our bundle of joy and it was very reassuring to see that he or she is healthy in there and developing fine. The sonogram tech continued on with the pictures that she needed, snapping pictures of little arms and feet. We went back to the figure out the gender for a third time and this is where I had to turn onto my side to see if we could get the baby into a different position. No luck. He or she kept those legs tight this time giving us no chance at all to take a peek.

For the moment, we have to wait an additional two weeks until we find out if we are going pink or staying blue. Until then, peace of mind that the baby is healthy is all that I need. I will update the countdown clock shortly!

5 thoughts on “We’re Having A …

  1. Did you try having it’s daddy lean down and talk to it? My ex and I did that with my second son because he was super stubborn. For some reason when his dad talked to him he started moving around and let us see his gender. – Amber

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    • We didn’t, but if the little bundle is being stubborn in two weeks we’ll have to give that a try. The doctor said that if we couldn’t tell this time we may have to wait until we’re into the third trimester and I don’t have the patience for all that. 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

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