The Truth About Baby Clothes

Your baby shower comes around and your guests have brought you clothing in every size from Newborn to 12 Months. You sort through the outfits for baby, organize them by size and put them away accordingly. Unfortunately baby sizes are not one fits all.

All children are different and size is one way that they vary the most in the beginning. Where one six month old might fit perfectly in 6 to 9 Month clothing, others might already be pushing 9 Month clothing, or more … or less.

This isn’t the only trick when it comes to baby clothes though. Much like adult clothing stores, sizes vary depending on where you’re shopping. Stores like GAP, Cater’s, Crazy 8 and others all differ in the way that they classify clothing sizes. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t sort out your clothing only by the size they claim.

Although it seems extremely time consuming, the only way to truly know what size clothing you are dealing with is to lay down onesies on top of each other and compare. I’ve had 3 to 6 Month outfits that went completely to waste because they were sized the same as some Newborn clothing. I’ve also had to sort and resort clothes numerous times because I went by age and not by size. Our tiny tot is only eight months old and is where everything sized between 9 Months and 12 Months. 

Hopefully this can help save you from the same silly mistakes that I’ve made.

Unrelated : keep your eyes peeled for our homemade pumpkin seeds! Halloween is only one week away and soon we’ll be carving pumpkins and baking seeds. Last year I made somewhere between two and three pounds of pumpkin seeds (ten pumpkins worth). We won’t be making such a large amount this year but I’m sure they’ll be just as delicious.

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