Saving Money On Groceries

Turn off Extreme Couponing and put down the newspaper inserts. Coupons are not the fastest, not the easiest and not the only way to save tons of money on your groceries.

Whenever I have tried to become an “extreme couponer” I spent more money at the register on things I wouldn’t normally buy. Failed attempt after failed attempt and finally I gave up on coupons all together. The truth of the matter is, there is a smart way to shop and save a lot of money without clipping coupons for hours on end.

  1. Find out what sales your local grocery store has going on.
    In the store I frequent most often there are market flyers right by the entrance to the store. Stop in for one of these and when you get home find the best deals.
  2. Only purchase what is on sale.
    I don’t follow this 100% because sometimes Momma needs coffee. However, if you stick mainly (and I mean about 95%) to the buy one, get one free deals you will save some cash.
  3. Get a store card.
    There are a lot of deals available only to people who have a store card, it’s free to sign up, costs nothing to have and makes you eligible for some serious savings.
  4. Look on the grocery store’s webpage.
    If you don’t want to make the time to stop in for a flyer, look online. In addition to finding out their weekly sales you may be able to find some coupons they offer or even “click to card” offers.
  5. Check online at for matching deals.
    Focusing mostly on BOGO deals and then finding coupons that correlate to those deals doesn’t take much time or effort. (Thanks to this method I recently got two tubes of toothpaste for just $1.50).
  6. Keep your eyes open.
    Sometimes you might miss a deal in the flyer for something your family uses regularly, or even a coupon that someone else didn’t need and placed on a shelf.

At the end of my last shopping trip I managed to save $96.35 at the register. I took advantage of twelve BOGO deals, a couple 10 For $10 deals and bought a couple extras that weren’t on my list. I still spent about $150.00 in the grocery store, but I went home with almost $250.00 worth of food. Those are savings that you can’t deny.

Next, don’t buy paper goods at grocery stores. Occasionally these things are on sale but they are still priced much higher than you can find them in a dollar store or Walmart. Garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, even things like juice or coffee creamer; you can find them all for sale much cheaper than the grocery store. Don’t waste money on convenience because it’s costing you more than you think.

Try it for yourself! Go to the grocery store and shop only the deals for one month. This method will never leave you with the same results as if you took up “extreme couponing” but as a mother myself, I’m not sure that any of us have time for that.

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