Seven More Days

One thing I cannot understand about some parents is when they are willing to wait until the baby is born to know if they’re having a baby boy or a baby girl. I can hardly wait a full eighteen weeks let alone forty.

In (exactly) seven days we are going to find out if we’re going pink or staying blue. We have two little men at home who have everything they will ever need and staying blue means no need to invest in girly things. On the contrary, going pink means a trip to the store for outfits, blankets, toys, bedding … oh, the things we will buy. Not to mention, the many moms that I know who have offered to help us load up on frilly, pink and purple things. Next Tuesday can’t come fast enough.

Now all that’s left is deciding how we’ll tell everyone. Do we have a gender reveal party? (Hide the baby’s gender in the color of the cake). Do we take a cute family photo to help announce it?

Regardless of how we share the news I will just be very glad to finally know what we are having. We have agreed 100% on what our name is for a little girl and haven’t yet started even talking about little boy names. If we are staying blue, we’ll have a fun time going back and forth on name ideas until we find one that we both love.

I promise, no more posts about the baby’s gender until I reveal what it is. Just know I am exploding with excitement every day that passes between now and then. If you want to cast your vote (pink or blue) feel free to post a comment below!