The Importance Of Pictures

Nowadays, smartphones take the place of cameras and albums on Facebook take the place of albums on shelves. It’s convenient to do things this way and also allows you to share your pictures instantly with all of your friends and loved ones.

Investing in actual picture albums and getting your pictures printed is still important because it gives you a physical copy. It allows you to reminisce with your kids when they are older. It has a much more personal feel. But having pictures printed can be really expensive, not to mention you still have to buy the albums themselves.

I’ve mentioned this app before but I feel the need to bring it back. Groovebook is an app that allows you to choose up to one hundred pictures a month to be printed. It is a service that you subscribe to so you do pay for it even if you don’t get pictures printed. The price of this service is the best part though, for one hundred pictures (printed and mailed directly to you) every month, you only pay $2.99 + tax. You can follow the link above to Groovebook’s home page for all of the details on the app. If you’re contemplating getting into it but you aren’t 100%, use the code “SPOON4” for one free Groovebook.

What can you expect when you get your first book in the mail?

IMG_8107You can expect to find a book that looks something like this, however, when you first pull it out of the box it will be wrapped. The books come in clear wrap with a piece of white paper around it so you can’t see the cover just yet. Inside you booklet there are one hundred picture that al have tear out tops so they can be easily removed from the book.

The only slightly odd thing you might find about your photos is that they are actually 4.5×6.5 instead of the usual 4×6. This makes getting them into albums a tiny bit tricky. I’ve found that with a nice pair of scissors I can make two quick chops, they fit just fine and you can’t even tell the difference. Speaking of albums, you can find low cost picture albums at any dollar store, Walmart and on Amazon.

Finding time for putting pictures into albums can be the next tricky task. If there’s ever a moment where I know my boys will both be occupied or sleeping for a long period of time, I get on it. To me, picture albums are very important and I don’t want to end up with a shoebox full of unplaced Groovebooks one day.

Hopefully, I can help you find the road to inexpensive picture printing. I wish I knew about Groovebook three years ago before I spent a massive amount of money on printing pictures at different stores. I’ve had Groovebook for nearly one year and I absolutely adore this company.


P.S. every month your book has a different cover!

7 thoughts on “The Importance Of Pictures

  1. Hey! So after i read your post i started Groovebook too! When do your books close & ship? I thought it said a month from when you sign up, but my first one closed after a week with only like 60pics. Either way, I’m excited to get it! Just wanted to add more pics haha


  2. It’s supposed to be a month, double check that you didn’t close it early on accident. I almost did that once. Otherwise you can send them an email of what happened and they will comp you one free book. I had a slight issue with some color quality in one book and got a free one for telling them about it. I’ve had my account with them for almost a year, I’m glad you’re trying them out!! I hope you like it as much as I do! 🙂


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