The Botanical Garden

botanicalbotanical2Our local Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been in. Not to mention it is filled with so many different rooms, each with it’s own theme and plants to boot.

My brother, his wife and I took my oldest son here over a year ago and it was one of my favorite adventures yet. I hope to get back here as soon as possible with both boys, but its much more fun when the littles can both walk themselves, so it might be a bit.



Not only was the Botanical Garden filled with different kinds of flowers, there were also a couple rooms with fish! In one room there was a small bridge that carried you over part of an indoor pond and in the pond were tons and tons of Koi Fish. Some of them were even pregnant which was really interesting to see because Koi are already big fish when they’re not pregnant.

botanical4botanical5In another room, where the highest dome was, there were massive trees that towered over us. I believe this was the “rain forest” room, although I didn’t exactly pay attention to room names or numbers. I spent most of my time oogling at the various plants and flowers that I had never seen before and watching my son be astounded by everything new he saw.


Then there was the Cacti Room. This one I remember specifically because there was a giant, tangled mess of cacti right in the center of it (right). Here’s where I felt the need to pick up my son and really stress the whole “don’t touch anything” rule. There are a couple of other rooms that I distinctly remember from our visit, such as the Medicinal Plants Room and the Kid’s Room. In the medicinal plants room there were things that I never quite considered medicinal, like chili peppers, who knew? The kids room was also full of plants but had fake grass as flooring rather than brick and also had some toys (play lawn mower, featured way up, top right).

I encourage searching your area for a Botanical Garden near you. There aren’t many other ways that you can stand next to a seven foot tall aloe plant. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our adventure as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about it. I can’t wait to do an update as soon as we can get back there!

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