Painting Pumpkins

Not everyone wants to get down and dirty with their pumpkins but not everyone can either. Two years in a row my son has painted his pumpkin because he isn’t yet old enough to be trusted with handling knives.

Painting pumpkins is a (virtually) mess free activity, at least it can be, as we learned in Raising Picasso even the most well behaved kids can’t be trusted alone with paint. All the things you need to ensure the safety of your furniture and your child’s clothing is already lying around your house.

The first thing you need is some old newspaper to place underneath your pumpkin to keep your table safe. After that, search your tupperware drawer for any plastic lids you may have accumulated, I always seem to have old yogurt lids laying around.

IMG_8098 IMG_8100-1 IMG_8101

Lastly, find an old shirt that you’re willing to use as a smock. Snip the collar and use a bobby pin to make the whole smaller. This step might seem silly, why cut it if you’re going to put it back together, right? If you leave the collar as it is, there’s a better chance of painty hair when you try to take the shirt off. Cutting the collar means that when you go to take the shirt off, there will be an extra large whole at the top for a paint free escape.

Another neat tip, having color coordinated paint brushes and more than one paint dish means no need for rinsing brushes. Not having to use a water cup means no spilled water or runny paint.  We got our little man’s pain brushes on Amazon, (follow the link directly to the Crayola brushes we purchased).

IMG_8102 IMG_8104

All that’s left is to unleash your little one on their pumpkin. After they’re finished you can always carve a face into the pumpkin or just leave it exactly how it is.

Happy painting! If you have any fun pumpkin decorating ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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