This Glamorous Mum

As it would turn out, this is actually the one hundredth post that I have made. So in addition to my usual mommy banter, I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes to my blog.

Let’s just start with last night, my boyfriend and I (both exhausted) fell asleep on the couch with the baby sleeping in his pack n’ play. We both took turns getting up throughout the night to get him bottles and settled back to sleep.

This morning he left for work and I stayed home, sleeping on the couch until the boys woke up. My toddler cuddled up next to me on the couch for a bit before going to get half a dozen toys which he piled on top of me before cuddling with me again. In the meantime, the baby started babbling in his pack n’ play.

Fast forward to the true glamor of the morning…

When the baby was ready to come out of his pack n’ play I noticed that he had peed through his diaper and pants, soaking his blankets and everything else. I quickly stripped him of his clothing, got a fresh diaper and began changing him. Once I opened the diaper, I realized there was poop as well…but I had no wipes anywhere in arms reach. Figured that puzzle out, got the baby cleaned up and into new clothes, stripped his pack n’ play and went on to more morning stuff like breakfast.

The toddler insisted that he wanted yogurt, applesauce and a banana or a sandwich. I got him his weird breakfast which, of course, he no longer wanted by the time I got it to him. Before I could get the baby something to eat I noticed an odd smell…so rather than strip him right down I peeled back the side of his onesie to see if there was poop. This is the moment where I stuck multiple fingers directly into baby poo. It had exploded out of his diaper and into his pants and all over his onesie… Normally diaper problems like this don’t happen to us, we always have the baby in diapers one size too big to catch any “extras.” Recently however, I bought a large box of diapers that actually fit him…shame on me for conforming.

I wash my hands, thoroughly, and make my way back to the baby. Carefully I strip him down and pile a bunch of wipes nearby to be ready when I open up his diaper. Meanwhile, the dog was feasting on the toddler’s breakfast and the toddler was stomping all over the living room.

I suppose to grasp the true wonder of the situation you should also know that I had no opportunity to take a shower yesterday or yet today, my hair is a ratty nest of knots and I’m currently wearing my old pizza shop sweatshirt. In addition to that, I haven’t had a chance to finish my coffee yet. There isn’t much about me that is currently “well put together.” At least I’ve already managed to sweep and get some dishes done and for the time being both boys are happy, occupied and clean.