Ten Minute Meals

Sometimes being a working woman and a mom can make life a little bit hectic and that means that occasionally mealtime can be a stressful thought. Coming home to a mess, big or small, can make dinner run late … unless you’re prepared with some quick fixes.

First of all, I just want to say that I will not be providing a recipe for every thing I post on here because a lot of it is common sense. For example:

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
This fan favorite is a real time saver. Pop some Campbell’s on the stove, butter and cheese up your bread and put those puppies in a pan. Voila! Dinner made quick and easy, not to mention the fact that it’s a fan favorite. If you want to jazz it up, choose some new cheese options or introduce bacon, tomatoes, or fresh basil to the mix. Or keep the sandwiches simple and spice up the soup!

The great thing about goulash is it’s fast, delicious and it’s a full meal in one bowl. Cook your meat with any vegetables you would like to add in, I like adding minced onion and red pepper and tomatoes (canned or fresh). Boil up some pasta while your cooking your meat and once those two things are done, toss them into the pasta pot and add sauce. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Hot dogs/hamburgers and fries.
This meal seems to be way more popular in the Summer than it is year round which makes it a welcomed surprise any other season. There is no need for a grill or nice weather as long as you have a pan, an oven and a stove. Make your fries while you pan fry your hamburgers or hot dogs.

Vegetarian chili.
I’m the main chili monster in our house, so it’s no surprise that I have mastered making a quick, super simple, vegetarian chili. There isn’t much fresh about this one so if you don’t like canned foods…scroll down. This one I will provide a “recipe” for but it’s mostly just a list of things in cans.

One can of black beans.
One can of kidney beans.
3/4 to 1 cup frozen corn.
One (small) jar of salsa.
1/3 to 1/2 jar of water (use your salsa jar).

Add cumin, garlic, onion powder and paprika to taste.
I normally add about a tablespoon of each.

Let your chili simmer for about ten minutes and you’re all done and ready to eat.

Cold cut sandwiches.
Buying some nice bread and some deli meat can save a lot of time and hassle on busy days. Pairing cold sandwiches with leftover (homemade) soup or throwing a can of Campbell’s on the stove makes for a full meal.

Anything in a crock pot!
A crock pot meal is more like an all day even than a ten minute meal. But it takes about ten minutes to get your crock pot set up. There are so many crock pot recipes out there for everything from homemade soups to roasts and much more. I like my crock pot best for when I’m cooking a roast. Set to low heat with a large piece of meat, vegetables, potatoes and some chicken, beef or vegetable broth. Crock pot meals are the best.

This one will more likely take about fifteen or twenty minutes to put together but making breakfast for dinner is fun and easy. Make a big batch of pancakes, a big pan of scrambled eggs and either some bacon or breakfast sausage. This was a real winner in our house the last time I did it.

Nachos are almost as easy as that vegetarian chili that came straight out of cans. Dump a big pile of tortilla chips on a pan, add a ton of shredded cheese, dribble on some salsa, add some cooked ground beef and another little layer of cheese. Bake them in the oven until all your cheese is melted and then put that mountain of chips in front of your family.

(This is best done as a large side to something, so pan fry some strips of chicken breast while they’re baking and serve it with the nachos). Your family will feel like they just ate a ten course meal and it will only take you ten to fifteen minutes.

It can be hard to come up with an idea for dinner when you’re already dealing with a time restraint and reaching for a pizza shop menu can seem much more inviting. The troubles with it being your first option is that the cost is much greater and there’s much less heart in it. I wont deny that our family likes the occasional pizza and wings when I forget to thaw meat for dinner, but nothing beats a home cooked meal.

Are there any quick meals you turn to in a pinch? I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment down below and share some of your family’s favorites.

2 thoughts on “Ten Minute Meals

  1. Can relate to the struggle! Great ideas here. A twist on the grilled cheese– quesdilla. I serve them with bell pepper and onion strips I soften in the pan before cooking the quesadillas. If you have rice, black beans, cumin, and diced tomatoes you have a quick side along with it.

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