Pregnancy Update – Week 16

The day that we find out if we are having a boy or a girl is inching closer every day and the anticipation is too much for me! I’ve heard a lot of old wives tales about how to tell what you’re having. “If you’re craving this it’s a girl, if you feel like this it’s a boy.” It’s all malarkey.

In the meantime I have this cute little app on my phone (thatimg_mpt_promo I have officially used in all three pregnancies) updating me weekly about baby’s progress. The app is called MyPregnancy from BabyCenter. If you’ve never actually seen this app and you are pregnant, I suggest downloading it. Every week my phone notifies me of the baby’s size, recent developments and there are daily reminders and bits of information for moms.

This week our baby is an avocado and apparently has plans to double his or her weight and add some inches to their height in the next few weeks. Speaking of weeks…less than two until we know if we’re having a little lady or another little man.

When you’re pregnant and don’t yet know what you’re having I’ve found that a lot of people want to know what you want to have. The best answer I have for anyone is that if I can wish for one thing, I want a healthy baby. However, if I can wish for two things…a girl would be nice. Sorry, but I can’t shake myself from thinking of our impending sonogram!!

As for my physical well being during this pregnancy… I have zits galore and it honestly has me thinking that we are having a little girl. I’ve never had zits in my life, not even as a teenager and now suddenly my face is a mine field. Extra girly hormones? Who knows, but in 12 days we’ll see. The pinched nerve that made itself present towards the end of my previous pregnancies has already reared it’s ugly head. My nausea is gone and I feel like I can eat whatever, whenever … if only I ever knew what I wanted. For the most part, the second trimester seems to be treating me well.

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