Is That A New Page?

Hey! Guess who finally did something new and added a new page!

It may or may not be super obvious but that person, is me. I have so many posts about making baby food and to be honest I don’t plan on stopping. In fact I will probably do more step by steps and elaborate on some things, like the appropriate ages to introduce certain foods. When I first started making baby food I used a few different references to figure out what to do and when to do it. I hope to pile all of the information I have into the new page so it’s all readily available for anyone else who is trying to make homemade baby food.

Anyway… The new page probably isn’t that interesting to you in particular if you aren’t interested in making baby food at all. I, however, am very excited to finally have all of my baby food posts in one place. So check it out!

Also if anyone is aware how to make the words “Homemade Baby Food” on the menu into a drop down menu, I would greatly appreciate your words of wisdom. Thank you!

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