Homemade Baby Food Step-By-Step (Applesauce)


This is number three in a set of four step-by-step baby food posts. Previously I’ve posted about carrots and sweet potatoes, today I’ll post a step-by-step on baby applesauce. This recipe only varies slightly from the traditional way of making homemade applesauce and is a very process.

Apples are a good way to help introduce new foods with an already familiar food. I’ve used apples to introduce carrots, chicken, plums, and peaches.

Homemade applesauce begins with the very obvious, peel your apples. After peeling I like to give each apple a quick dip in a bowl of warm water and lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. You only need about one tablespoon per four cups of water. I don’t like to let them soak in this because I feel like the apples absorb some lemon flavor. Once your apples are peeled and have taken a quick dip, get them cored, chopped and into the steamer.

DSCN1111 DSCN1113

Apples cook pretty quickly so be sure not to get over occupied during this one, I did and there was no need to check for fork tenderness at that point. You don’t have to add any water to the blender this time because the apples retain a lot of their original juices. Once blended, get everything into containers and freeze.

DSCN1115 DSCN1117

How do you like those apples?


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