Falling Into Place

I will be the very first one to admit that I am what some would call a “worry wart” or an “over thinker.” There are so many circumstances that I worry about every single day from little things like dinner to bigger things like paying bills or finding a new place to live. Recently my number one concern has been with locating and keeping a reliable baby sitter.

The budget in our home is relatively tight, we have money to pay the bills and have some extras like TV and internet. We sometimes go out to eat or order in, my boyfriend and I go on the occasion nice date. In our home there is enough money flow that we can all afford to be well taken care of and also enjoy some additional things.

One thing that we cannot afford whatsoever is to take our children to an actual day care center. Pricing in our area for one week is nearly the exact sum of my paycheck. We have relied heavily on people we know, friends and family, to be our babysitters and it has worked out well. Recently we hit a big snag, our babysitter is looking to move out of state, as soon as possible. This doesn’t give us much room to wiggle around. I’ve been scrambling to find someone to replace him, knowing that if we are forced to turn to day care I might as well quit my job…

Today, everything turned around in the most amazing way. A woman who had watched just our younger son for a short time has two available spots for each day of the week. She also informed my boyfriend’s mother that the Head Start program in our area has reopened and is still accepting applications for enrollment. This means that our older son will be able to start school a year early, which is excellent for two reasons. Number one, he will be over the top excited to go to school (he watches the school buses all the time and pretends to do homework in his room). Number two, having our older son in school means we will pay less for babysitting and we can start saving more money each month.

This morning I had an enormous freak out (partially out loud and partially in my head) about how we were about to be out of luck. By some magic, it seems that everything is falling into place exactly where it needs to be right now!

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