A Story About A Yellow Block

Once upon a time there was a yellow block and a wolf ate it and put it in his tummy. Then the pigs (somehow) got the yellow block back and put it in the toddler’s hand. After getting the block back, the toddler took his mommy’s hand and they climbed a red mountain together. While climbing the red mountain, they went the right way so they wouldn’t fall.

At the top of the mountain, they saw a cold deer. To help the little deer the toddler gave him one of his blankets. The deer was so happy that it slid all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Without the deer the toddler and his mommy decided to go to the pig’s house because it was warm and the wolf said they could not go to his house.

In the pig’s house there was an air conditioner, but no fan. Inside there were toys to play with and the big boy said that the toddler and mommy could play with his toys but not the grown up toys. On the TV, there were cartoons, Paw Patrol was on but Ninja Turtles and Wallykazam were not on and neither were any grown up shows.

Before they all knew it the bad wolf was outside going, “ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra!” He was there to try and get everybody but the good piggies got him first and put him in jail.

When the piggies left, the wolf escaped from jail but the piggies caught him again and then the story was all gone.

The End.

Well, I opened up my computer and my son wanted to help me write something. This is The Story About A Yellow Block, although it came out mostly like a new tale about the three little pigs. I let him give me line by line and typed it as he did (with very minor alterations). I hope you enjoyed his short story and if you’re curious about the yellow block … me too.

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