My Three Year Old Told Me (IV)

Unlike my previous postings with this title, this is a very short Halloween Edition of My Three Year Old Told Me.

Choosing a Halloween costume can be so much fun for a child. It’s the one day out of the year when it’s socially acceptable to go running around dressed like a Power Ranger, which is what my son’s first choice was.

When planning for Halloween we asked him what he would like to be and I pulled up some costumes on the computer for him to look at, without even glancing at the screen he said “I want to be the red Power Ranger.” This made me happy because I grew up in the era of Power Rangers. I pulled up Power Ranger costumes which is where his mind first changed.

“I want to be the blue Power Ranger with the lellow blaster!”

The red one wasn’t advertised with any kind of weapon, how boring. I clicked the blue costume and in the side notes there was a category of similar costumes. Cue the second mind change.

“No, I want to be the black one with the sword!”

I pointed out to him that he could be any color he wanted and that the blasters and swords were separate pieces but that didn’t do it. We were settled then, black Power Ranger with the sword. Perfect!

A couple days later my boyfriend and I were discussing the baby’s costume and what he may or may not be this year when up speaks the toddler about how he’s “going to be Iron Man this year.” Wait … what? Luckily we haven’t bought anything based on his ever changing mind because little boy costumes aren’t cheap. I’m sure that his mind will change five or six more times in the costume store.

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