Baby Proofing

The wonderful world of baby proofing. It’s funny because baby proofing is something we do that makes our children much safer, but it makes our lives much more complicated than it needs to be. Simple tasks like getting into a cupboard now require three hands and a crowbar…but at least baby won’t eat the dish soap.

Obvious baby proofs are:

IMG_8007 IMG_8017 IMG_8015 IMG_8016

Outlet covers, cabinet locks, doorknob covers and baby gates to block stairways.
These particular outlet covers have little pull tabs, they were a little bit more expensive but are definitely worth it. Unplugging the old fashioned flat ones is a difficult and sometimes painful task, these are easy to pop in and take out (for an adult).
This baby gate is fixed to the wall and is not removable, it was here when we moved in and I like it a lot. There is a foot pedal to unlock the gate so when you don’t have two free hands it’s still easy to get open.

Another neat kind of baby gate is the less expensive, wooden kind that you can pop up all over your house if you want to. We have one and I found a neat little trick for popping it up in different locations quickly.

IMG_8009 IMG_8010

On the gate, I wrote which rooms lined up with which notches. Re-positioning the gate a few times isn’t that big of a pain in the butt, but now it isn’t a pain at all.

If you have an exposed power strip anywhere in your home this is another neat tip to try. Our television sits on an antique table rather than an entertainment center and there were plenty of cords running wild underneath it. Here’s where I turned to Pinterest. I found a lot of different ideas, but by far my favorite was the cord box idea.


First, you take a nice looking box, then cut some holes throughout the back for the cords to go in through, place your power strip inside, put the lid on and voila! As you can see there were still cords visible after I boxed up the mess so I placed an old wicker basket on top to hide them. At first, when I read this on Pinterest I thought it looked dangerous…electrical cords in cardboard? It didn’t seem like a good mix to me. The first week I monitored the box making sure that the cords and the box didn’t feel hot. In the last few months I haven’t seen any reason for alarm, otherwise, I would have found a new plan.

Somethings I never thought to move or somewhat baby proof are my houseplants, the baby is all about checking them out. I also have some random home decorations and things that aren’t exactly baby friendly that will have to be relocated. Our little man just started crawling all over the place so there very well may be a follow up to this post.

B y the way, if you love Pinteresting like I do check out my boards! My Pinterest is full of holiday ideas, plans for the house or garden, sweet treats, crafts and so much more!

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