Wake Up Call

Mornings in our house come in many different forms. The most common, however, is the subtle wake up call from the toddler alarm clock. I’ve mentioned this before, if you dig through the Humor section on here you are sure to come across some good mornings.

I’m a bit confused with myself how “waking up” didn’t make it onto the Jokes On Mums post. I know that I mentioned a short and sweet blurb about how as mothers there is limited time for sleep. Not to discredit the dads out there who also lose a few hours, but we know as moms that even when the kids are sleeping soundly, we’re not. Anyway… it should come as no surprise that I cherish my sleep and therefore dread waking up. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a morning person because I have never been up early enough to see one in action. In my personal opinion, anyone who claims to be a morning person is just really good at making the best out of a bad situation.

Moving on. Mornings for me always begin with a kiss. My boyfriend leaves for work while I’m still sleeping but wakes me just enough for a hug, a smooch and an “I love you,” before he goes. After I hear the door lock and close, I’m back asleep for what limited time I have left in bed. Recently, it’s about five minutes because for some ridiculous reason the baby has decided to get up before 7:00 AM a lot lately.

On a normal morning, the toddler leaves his room and makes an announcement that he’s coming to ours. I hear the dog paws storming up the stairs, the baby begins shuffling around and then comes a big PLOP as my oldest boy makes his less than graceful entrance into our bed. He requests some morning snuggles and the baby starts either babbling (which is sweet) or crying in his crib. Up I go.

Me getting out of bed puts a smile on the baby’s face until he realizes that I would like to brush my teeth before I get him from his crib. Peek-a-boo from behind the bathroom door soothes him while I attempt to practice proper grooming. As soon as the threenager is ready to exit my bed we all make our way to the living room where morning cartoons go on for breakfast. Breakfast itself means sometimes tricking the toddler into thinking he has the same thing in his bowl as I do in my coffee mug but also feeding the baby.

At some point the baby sitter gets to the house and I run through a checklist in my head. My teeth are brushed, his teeth are brushed, breakfast is done, I have my books, lunch and work bag, etc. Once I’m sure I’ve completed everything there is the mad dash to find my keys and the moment I get to my car I realize I forgot to feed the dog.

Every morning is hectic.
Every morning is funny.
Every morning I wish I was still sleeping just a little bit longer.

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