A Little Lighthearted

So we announced our third pregnancy to all of our friends and family recently and we welcomed a very warm response of congratulations and surprise.

The two of us have already decided 100% on a little girl’s name and have agreed to save the boy name brainstorming for after the gender reveal if we have to. Obviously, we will be finding out the gender as soon as possible. The countdown to pink or blue is only four weeks away and I am counting down the minutes. Either way, I know that both of us will be happy just to know that the baby is healthy and making a debut in the Spring.

Somewhat unrelated to the new baby, I have been mulling over something in my head a lot lately and it’s whether or not to introduce my family to the blog in full. By that I mean, I’m always referring to my children by their ages … younger and older, baby and toddler, big and little. I do really want to share their names with everyone but something inside me keeps pulling me back. As well as my boyfriend’s name because I’m always referring to him as “my boyfriend” which seems extremely informal and a bit awkward.

When I started a blog I did so voluntarily and gladly gave up my own face, name and some history but announcing their names seems to rid their life of a bit of privacy. It’s something my boyfriend and I will have to discuss and agree upon, but soon you may finally have names and faces to put to my big and little.

Another thing I have been very indecisive about is when to introduce the world I know to the website I’ve created. This blog isn’t something that I have shared very openly, in fact the followers and occasional visitors I have are pretty much all the people aware of it. Something in me is a bit shy about sharing this with friends and family, old classmates and the people that I know personally. It’s almost like having a wall built up around my blog…only people who are interested or like it can see it. The inner debate I have to tell people it exists is turning into a full blown war.

I don’t know if anyone else may have kept their blog a secret at first or maybe I am just a complete and total weirdo. My plan was to keep it a secret until there was too much material to possibly read through everything. Ugh! The half of me that wants to tell people is impatient and the other half is like, “what do you mean you want to tell people?!”

One last random blurb, if you’ve even made it this far congratulations! I know that my blog is mostly happy, bubbly and full of nice things. Occasionally there is a controversial topic that I do address like Saying No To Vaccines. My goal is never to offend anyone but just like everyone else in the world, I do have my limits and sometimes I need to get a point across more than how to make baby wipes or baby food.

Thank you everyone who follows my blog or even just checks it out once in a while! I appreciate it more than you know. Keep being wonderful.

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