Jokes On Mums

Being a mom is the most rewarding experience that I have ever been through. It has also shown me to laugh at myself day to day which is okay because if you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?

So here are some things that mom’s do that are ultimately jokes on ourselves.

1. Our nails. There is rarely a moment to sit down and pamper yourself, one day you have twenty minutes so maybe you paint your fingernails. Only to be scrubbing a sink the very next day and ruin four out of ten.

2. Our hair. This used to happen almost every day but not anymore! When you do have time to do your hair, you feel on top of the world. Then the kids pull it out of place, spray you with a squirt gun or spit up in your luscious locks.

3. Dinner. Yea, dinner is a joke on you too. You work all day, come home to clean and make dinner then when it’s done you make sure that everyone else is cared for. By the time you sit down to eat too, your plate is cold…and you eat it that way.

4. Sleep. Perhaps the cruelest joke of all. You hit the hay and begin to doze off only for one (or both) of the kids to suddenly need you for something (six times). G’night!

5. Relaxing. For some reason, after having kids, we still think that this is a thing. Sit down to watch an hour of television and you catch about 30% of it but at least you folded three loads of laundry while you watched it. Success!

I wouldn’t trade my ponytails, chipped nails and endless work for anything in the whole world. These things just came to me because I was quite literally experiencing the number one joke on this list. Yesterday, in a moment of down time when both boys were sleeping I decided to paint my finger nails. For once, they ended up flawless with no chips, nicks or even paint on my actual fingers. This morning I noticed that the sink was dirty while I was washing some bottles, so I used a metal scrubby to clean it out and I ruined my nails. Such is life, at least I have a shiny sink!

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