Sleep Training The Baby (II)

The last time I talked about Sleep Training The Baby (which you can find by following the attached link) I was considering buying one of those magical make-baby-go-to-sleep crib soothers. The cheapest I could find one of these in stores around me was more than $30.00 which seemed pretty steep. Instead I turned to a couple different methods.

A lot of people reached out to me and recommended “white noise” from a fan running or something like that which sounded like it made good sense. Then I realized that our room already had some, not only do we have a ceiling fan running but the window A/C unit also hums along all night. It was clear that to me that white noise was not going to solve our problem.

Another recommendation was to “put a pillow in the crib” which I know is a big, bad no no to a lot of people in the mommy community. I’ve heard that no children under one year old should be given a pillow and the best age to introduce one is actually one and a half years old. Big, fluffy pillows can hinder a baby’s breathing and have actually caused some crib deaths … which meant that the pillow idea was out for sure.

Someone told me to raise one end of his crib just slightly to see if that would help. Now this made sense, the bassinet-like thing he has been sleeping in is raised more towards the head of it. This however, was also a flop.

So three more trials and three more errors. As the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” During nap time one day I brought the baby up to his crib and laid him down, when he started crying I didn’t go in for five minutes. Now, five minutes sounds short but when it’s your baby crying and you could help them but you know you shouldn’t at the same time, it’s awful! This was his first introduction to crying it out.

Last night, right at bed time we put the baby in his crib and got him all set up. He slept for a bit, woke up and we allowed him to whimper himself back to sleep. I can’t lie, the cry it out method seems to have worked the few times that we’ve used it. Another few nights of this and I think I’ll have a broken heart but at least we’ll all get to sleep.

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