A Trip To The Farm

goats and llamasYet another post that I have held onto for a long time. Something about Autumn activities really get me into a wonderful mood. Last year around this time my father, boyfriend, oldest son and I made a trip out to a local farm. A much needed fun day Sunday that we will definitely be repeating this year.

We happen to live in an area where there are a lot of feedingtimefarms that offer apple picking, tractor rides, petting zoos and pumpkin patches this time of year. We had a blast and brought home a lot of apples, tasty treats and of course some brewed on site beer (it was also football Sunday after all).

I’m nearly certain that other places must have similar farms and I tractorencourage anyone who hasn’t taken their kids to farm, try it out this year. I was certain that my son would run screaming from the goats and the whole day would turn into a mess. Instead, he had a great time feeding them and trying to mimic the noises that they made.

punkinsAfter we spent a good chunk of time walking through the petting zoo we made our way out to the pumpkin patch. There my son made many valiant efforts to carry the best pumpkins over to us and was delighted to see some tractors. There were even a couple older tractors positioned around the farm that he was able to take a seat on.

Once we had done a little bit of everything at the farm we applepickingpurchased a couple apple bags to fill and caught a ride over to the orchard on one of the tractors. What little kid doesn’t love a ride on a tractor? In the orchard we were allowed to pick from a few different kinds of apples until our bags were full. Then back aboard the tractor!

Places like this that really incorporate the whole family are so special and I can’t wait to head back over this year and see what the baby thinks about all of the animals and the commotion. Again, I can’t encourage people enough to try and get out to a place like this when the weather is crisp. It’s a fun time, a great way to get some much needed Fall goodies like pumpkins and apples and is also an excellent place to have a few family pictures taken.

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