Halloween Crafts

Today is the NOT the first day of Autumn, that’s tomorrow, but I am so excited I cannot hold it in. I have been waiting to post this blog for six long months. Making decorations for the holidays and seasons is by far one of my favorite crafts to do. Last year I found a fun way to incorporate the toddler f1and this year I’m hoping to also get the baby in on it.

Sometimes I get called a “hoarder” around the house because of the things I tend to keep that most people would just toss away. For example, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and empty glass jars. These are some of the things that I turned into my Halloween crafts last year.

With the paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls I made ghosts which I placed on various shelves throughout the house. When they’re up high you can’t see the inside (which I obviously did not take the time to paint) and they look adorable. All they required to make their transformation was paint.

The leaves in the picture above were actually made from a stack of paintings that my son (two years old at the time) had made. I picked through the papers and pulled out all of the orange, red, yellow and green ones. Next came trying to figure out how to cut out a leaf shape and I actually ended up going out to the backyard and choosing a few different leaves to trace. They turned out beautiful and now I’ll have his paintings forever but in a different way.

As for the glass jars, I added a bit of orange food coloring to f2some Elmer’s Glue and brushed a few layers onto the glass jars. I also painted the lids black and painted some cute Jack-O-Lantern faces on them. Patience isn’t my strong point and because the faces were painted on before the glue dried they cracked a little bit. However, I still think they look absolutely adorable when lit up.

At the end of the day I still had a f3more toilet paper rolls lying around. (By the way, I don’t just save these because I’m weird. If you fill cardboard tubes with dryer lint they make awesome fire starters for camping out or bonfires). With what I had left I made some black cats! All I did was paint the tubes black instead of white, pinched the tops down to make ears and added faces.

I also took some paper and made footprint ghosts and hand print spiders f4to give to family and to hang around the house but I forgot to take a picture of the ghosts. These two particular ideas were not mine originally, a friend sent me a picture of them which she had found on www.pinterest.com. This website has so many fun and crafty ideas for everything.

Hopefully you enjoyed my quirky Halloween crafts for kids (and childlike adults). All of the things shown here combine two of my favorite things, re-purposing and crafting. We’ll surely be doing more crafts soon what with the holidays on their way! So look out!

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