Last Night Mischief

Now to be fair, this little act of mischief wasn’t a big deal and it was actually pretty humorous. I enjoyed starting my day laughing at this particular situation and I hope you will get a kick out of it as well.

Last night, around about 2:00 AM, I woke up to the sound of my older son crying in his room. A couple weeks ago this would have meant that he had to go pee but he has since learned how to get to the bathroom at night by himself. So I make my way to his bedroom thinking he might have had a bad dream. In his room he’s half asleep, babbling about this book he wanted to read so I tuck him back in and leave the room.

Now, maybe it’s too much information but I had to pee so I made my way to the bathroom and on my way there I noticed that the kitchen light was on. To me this was weird because I knew that I had turned it off before going to bed. I brushed it off, went to the bathroom and made my way back upstairs. Then this morning my son told me that he checked to see if the batteries for his Leap Pad were charged “twenty times” last night. I brushed it off until I remembered that kitchen light being on so just a bit ago I sent a text message to my boyfriend asking if it was him who had turned it on. No, it wasn’t.

Throughout the night I kept thinking that I was hearing things as I’m a very light sleeper but each time that something woke me up I didn’t hear anything after. Now, he can only count to twelve so I have so assume that he didn’t really wake up a full twenty times but this little stinker was sneaking around the house all night. So funny!

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