DIY All Natural Baby Wipes

Finally! Here it is, the step-by-step process (with pictures) of how I make my homemade baby wipes. Recently we have changed baby soaps to the Honest Company brand which has made no change in the wipes except that they now smell like vanilla and orange which is lovely. Also, the Honest Company doesn’t put anything in their soap that I can’t pronounce (no chemicals) which is a big plus for me.

All you need for these baby wipes is:IMG_7649

I recommend using Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels because they aren’t as wide as most paper towels and fit in the container better. Bounty is also a pretty sturdy paper towel brand, and believe me it only takes putting your hand directly in poo once to know why you should never trust the bargain brands for this.

When it comes to the coconut oil you don’t need to splurge for the most expensive kind, it is only going on a butt after all. That being said Spectrum Organic is my favorite because I do also like to use this as a skin moisturizer, for hair masks and also to cook with.

Let’s get started!


So first things first, have a little bit of fun unrolling your paper towel roll. Next fold the paper towels back and forth as if you were making a paper fan and then cut the paper towels in half. (I don’t recommend doing the whole roll at once as it makes folding and cutting a lot more difficult than it needs to be).


Now that your paper towels are cut in half you’ll need to layer the bottom of one stack with the top of the other so that all of the paper towels stay linked together. (If you’d like to skip this step you can, it just means that half way through the batch of wipes you’ll have to open your box up and reset the rest to come out, no big deal).


Now we need to combine our ingredients. Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil to a measuring cup and then 1 cup of warm or hot water to melt the oil. (Normally my coconut oil isn’t completely liquid but I left it out by the oven so it all melted). I always add my soap second, 4-5 squirts is all you need.

Give this mixture a gentle stir (not too much or you’ll get a bunch of bubbles) and you’re ready to add it to your paper towels. I like to do this step right in the container so there’s no mess. Rotate the paper towels, pouring equal amounts over the edges until the mixture is gone.


All that’s left is to feed the wipes through the top of the container and voila! You’ve made homemade, all natural, chemical free, safe wipes! The best part about these is knowing that you can use them for just about anything. Of course the obvious diaper messes but also wiping messy faces and hands without worry about chemicals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my step-by-step on making homemade baby wipes and if you have any questions or remarks feel free to post a comment below!


8 thoughts on “DIY All Natural Baby Wipes

    • Before I was buying Huggies “Natural Care” for about $13.00 for a big box. If I break it down to the cent per wipe, I’m only saving about $2.00 for every 550 wipes. But when I think about the last seven months, I have saved just shy of $30.00 if not more. It’s not as much of a financial benefit as it is a health benefit.

      More money can definitely be saved here though. The Honest Company soap is $6.00 more per bottle than say, Johnson & Johnson. And there are coconut oils by other brands for as much as $4.00 less a jar than what I buy. It’s all a matter of preference with those.

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