Fun Questions

The typical three year old tends to ask their weight in questions and then some. With most of these questions being the ever famous “why?” in response to 75% of the things that they hear. I suppose it’s only natural to ask about something you are uncertain about, otherwise we would never learn anything. But how often do parents ask their toddlers a lengthy list of questions? I made up this little list of fun things to ask my son now and again to watch the way that it changes.

How old are you? Three.

What’s your favorite toy? Super Uncle Brett.

What makes you happy? Me.

What makes you mad? Bad guys.

What’s your favorite color? Orange.

What’s your favorite food? Applesauce.

Why do you love Mommy? ‘Cause I love you.

Why do you love Daddy? Cause!

What’s your favorite thing to do? All kinds of stuff.

What do you want to do when you grow up? Get a car to drive.

What do you want to do right now? Go to Bumma’s house.

I had fun with this, mostly because the more questions I asked the feistier he made his answers sound. By the way Super Uncle Brett is actually a Mr. Incredible action figure that he named after my brother and “Bumma” is what he calls my mother. Can’t wait to do this again and see the way things change with time!

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