All For Free

More free things keep coming my way. I recently received a free sample of a baby magazine and in the back was a large card covered in promo codes for free maternity and baby things. These however, are listed as gift certificates and gift cards so I believe this is all going to be first come, first serve.


$50 value for a car seat canopy. There are a boat load of different styles, colors and even some NFL prints! Just use the code “ABABY715CC” and enjoy!


$40 value, which is good for two belly button bands or one belly button body band. Yes, these products are a mouthful but I’ve used similar products before and they’re great. They support a mommy’s growing tummy but also make your regular clothes wearable throughout pregnancy. Just type in the promo code “ABABY715BB” and order yours.


$35 value for a nursing cover. There are a lot of styles available here and they are adorable. Myself I’ve always just used blankets or went to a different room but they don’t do very well at staying in place. These covers have a strap to keep them where they belong. Use the code “ABABY715UC” to get yours.


$40 value here! These baby slings are so adorable and come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Have you ever had fifty things to do and a baby who insists on being held? Either you have already or you soon will. This is so worth having and it’s free! Use the code “ABABY715SS” for your baby sling today!


$50 value for FIVE pairs of baby leggings. These things are so adorable and come in more styles than you can imagine. There are solid colors, stripes, nautical themes, flowers, came, dinosaurs and so many others! Check out their page and once you realize you’ve filled your cart apply the code “ABABY715BL” to get it all for free!


$40 value for a nursing pillow. I have a nursing pillow at home that I received as a gift when I was pregnant with my first son and you never know how much you will use it until you do. These come in handy all the way up to about 8 months and not just for nursing. They work as wonderful supports while your baby learns to sit up alone and then act as a comfy portable armrest for them. LOVE these! Use the code “ABABY715NP” and start loving yours too.


$35 value. If you’ve breast fed or not, you understand the need and the reasoning behind breast pads. Who wants to leak all over their shirt or bra? Yuck. Way more useful than the typical throw away versions are these machine washable ones in a lot of different colors and patterns. I almost kept this code to myself but with how often I find these codes…I figured I would share it too, use “ABABY715BP” to get up to TEN free sets of these little darlings!

Enjoy all of the free stuff everyone! Again, I’m not 100% sure if these are one time use codes or not so if you think you want something jump on it quick.

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