Terrible Teething

There is no way I could even try to remember the process of teething as a baby, it was obviously much too long ago for that. However, just between my two boys I have noticed a large array of teething symptoms and differences.

Big man.
So when my toddler was teething as a baby I distinctly recall a lot of boogers and slobber going all over the place. In addition to that he had the typical rosy cheeks and a very mild fever, so mild that I would just describe it as being warm. He didn’t do an excessive amount of fussing, had no trouble sleeping and kept right along with his regular habits (with the addition of chewing on everything). If it weren’t for the fact that I could physically see his first four teeth approaching the surface, I would have had no idea what was going on.

Baby man.
Now that our younger boy is beginning to teeth I finally understand why most parents refer to it as a “horrible experience.” This poor baby has a lot of similar symptoms going on including the rosy cheeks, being a bit warm, chomping everything in sight and drooling everywhere. On top of all of these things the little tot is having trouble sleeping at night, gets angry if you so much as touch his mouth and seems overall just not very happy.

If these teeth could just hurry up and get here I’m certain that we would all be grateful because the lack of sleeping and happiness in our household is getting a bit overwhelming. Poor little sugar bear just doesn’t understand what is going on inside that mouth of his.

In the meantime, there are some quick and easy ways that seem to soothe the terrible teeth. Regular teethers of course! But also, damp wash cloths, fingersblanket corners and the famous Taggie.

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