Our Favorite Tag Along Toys

Let’s be honest, babies are not that easily pleased when it comes to toys. They require constant brain stimulation as well as something they can bite if they’d like. As parents we need to be armed with an array of soft, hard and noisy toys for their happiness but also for our very own sanity. This is a small compilation of our little nuggets favorites.

The most important toy in our arsenal is the Infantino Go GaGa Squeeze & Teethe MonkeyIMG_7497 and if you think the name is a mouthful, take a look at the toy. At first I thought that this was a really strange baby toy, mostly because it squeaks like a dog toy but our son loves it. The shape of the monkey gives him a lot of different sized and shaped pieces to chew on which makes it kind of a customized teether.

Next is the Taggie! My oldest son was never really concerned IMG_7499or intrigued by the tags on toys or blankets but our youngest finds them on everything. So I bought him a Taggie Blanket, they also have stuffed animals. These aren’t exactly cheap, but you can find them on Amazon for a little less and from what I’ve seen of some older kids I know with them, they can last a long time. You can follow this link to the official website.

Who could forget Bear Bear? Mr. Bears real name is the VTech Baby Soothing Slumbers Bedtime BearIMG_7496. When we failed at cheering up this baby, or had some trouble getting him to sleep, Bear Bear was always there. Vtech also sells a pink version of this bear which we gave as a gift to family who had a little girl. This bear is a life saver.

Then there is this car seat toy. I don’t remember who makes it IMG_7492and I have no idea where this exact one comes from. There are a lot of variations of this available all over the place though. The bugs on this toy jingle and make almost bell like sounds. The wings also make noise, a bit like crunching paper or something plastic-y. They hang off of the handle of the car seat using simple velcro so removing it is easy and the toy can be attached to car seats as well as strollers.

IMG_7494These little darlings are actually something I did myself, but no I didn’t sew them. I had two mobiles and I lost a couple pieces to one of them. I planned to throw the whole thing out when I realized that the little animals hanging from the mobile would make adorable plush toys for the baby. So I cut the strings as close to the animals as I could get and voila!
This crazy shaped baby toy is also pretty neat. Again, I do not know what store this comes from or what it is even called but there are a lot of similar toys out there. The best part about this toy is the multiple parts it has. The toy rattles and is very teething friendly because of the various bends and differently shaped pieces it has.

Last but not least are these adorable little security blankets IMG_7493that have stuffed animals attached to them! We have quite the assortment (sorry about the picture quality on this one, I’m not sure what happened). There are so many different kinds of these available on toysrus.com (follow this link directly to the page they’re on). They also sell variations of these on the taggies website.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at our favorites! One of the biggest positives about everything on this list is that they are all small enough to fit into a diaper bag without jeopardizing valuable space. An update is sure to come as our little one gets bigger.


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