The Blogging Interview

What an interesting idea! I was nominated by Mommy’s Little Coffee Date to do this blogging interview tag. I suggest everyone check out her blog, she has a lot of great posts! And now without further ado…

How did you get into blogging?

At first I started this blog as a way to leave something behind to my children should anything happen to me before they reach adulthood. It’s morbid, I know, but then it grew into something more for me. I have always dreamed of being a writer and to me this became a way to achieve my goal no matter how short my reach.

What advice would you give to another blogger starting out?

Just a smidgen.
1. Never compromise your values for the sake of gaining followers or likes, write about what you care about and the right people will like it.
2. If you have a chunk of time one day but not the rest of the week and you have a lot of ideas, take advantage of scheduling posts.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?

Mostly I believe that it hasn’t. I bought a domain, which was really exciting for me. Other than that my style of writing has expanded past only writing for my children and myself to also writing to relate to and help other parents when I can.

What would be your dream campaign?

Exactly what I am already doing. I write for my own enjoyment, to leave something to my children about how much I love them and blurbs about their childhood, and also to give information and stories for other parents to read.

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Just to keep writing.

What do you think about ratings?

They’re fun! I write because I enjoy it but it is an awesome feeling to write something that I believe in and have people like it or comment on it. Just knowing that someone read to the very bottom of a single post makes me so happy.

And now (drum roll please).
I nominate,

Happy Family Blog

Day-To-Day Dad

Becoming Jax’s Mama

Welcome to the online interview! I look forward to reading them.

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