4 + 1 = What?

Growing up I thought that I might have kids one day but I never exactly knew when or how many. I grew up in a household with just two, my older brother and myself, and to me that seemed like a pretty good family dynamic. You’re not out numbered by your kids so there’s no way that they can tie you up and eat all the ice cream, right?

At nineteen I already had one little tater tot to give all of my love and affection to and then in my twenties I found out that my boyfriend and I were expecting another. We hadn’t talked about having children yet, not seriously anyway, but I recall him throwing out the number four. Which I suppose makes sense because he grew up in a family with three younger brothers. Fast forward to February 2015 and bundle of joy #2 entered our lives. There was a hospital room full of some seriously happy faces, including our older boy. His smile stretched from ear to ear while we explained to him that he was actually holding the baby that was just in mommy’s tummy.

Well, I can’t wait to see that room full of shining faces again because we are currently eight weeks along with baby #3! Welcome to the inside scoop ladies and gentlemen because girlonly our immediate family knows this news so far. And now that I’ve let you in on the BIG secret there is one little favor that I have to ask of you all. Cross your fingers that we get a little girl! Of course I would be happy with a little boy as well, that’s not the point. We have two
wonderful little boys at home right now and I am outnumbered three to one already. A little extra estrogen in the house would be nice. Plus what mom doesn’t want to buy tiny little dresses, bows and shiny shoes?!

Bottom line, unless we find out that we’re having twins then I believe that we will wrap things up at three kids. Four deliveries seems like a lot to ask for and at three we’ve tied right in the middle of what we both want.

Update on the baby train in six to ten weeks when the gender is revealed!
Until then, think pink!

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