Did Someone Say Free?

Who doesn’t love free things? I get emails all the time about free baby or kid stuff whether it be clothing items, stuff for pregnant moms, sometimes toys and the most exciting right now…a free photo book from Shutterfly.com!

So here are some promo codes that I have at the moment, I don’t know 100% if they all work still or if you have to pay shipping or not.

1. http://www.babyleggings.com

5 FREE pairs of baby leggings with the promo code “FAMILY2015” ($50 value).
Additional pairs are only $2.00 after you get the first five.

2. http://www.carseatcanopy.com

1 FREE car seat canopy with the promo code “WBWCC15” ($49.95 value).
There are a lot of different patterns and options available, even if you choose one that costs more than the $49.95 it will still give you a discount for that amount.

3. http://www.shutterfly.com

1 FREE 8×8 hard cover photo book with the promo code “GTHG-4147-EK5B-HRZ21B” this has a monetary value of $29.99 but it’s worth so much more in sentiment. I personally love these photo books! I think that they are wildly creative and much more fun than your typical photo album. This offer is valid until 9/30/15 so hurry and get some of your favorite pictures together!!

I will start posting more promo codes as I get them. Happy shopping!

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