My Three Year Old Told Me (III)

Oh, boy! As kids get older the silly things they say get a little bit rougher around the edges. Now, my toddler knows that there are certain words he can’t say like curse words, stupid or dumb, and he knows we don’t like it when he says “I don’t care.” But that doesn’t mean he can’t find a way around these rules to say some interesting and sometimes inappropriate things.

1. (Kicking the wall), “you hear that thunder?” I replied with yes to which I was told, “yea, just be quiet and eat your lunch, mom.”
All I did was answer the little pea-pots question and he hand delivers me a sass sandwich for lunch. Well excuse me..

2. “Butt hole teeth are for poopy heads.”
Yuck! I have no idea where this came from and I don’t know what butt hole teeth are. Regardless he was told not to repeat this again, mostly because of the ew factor.

3. “That wasn’t me, it was the bullet.”
This came out immediately after he shot his Uncle in the eyeball with a Nerf gun from about fifteen feet away. Can’t deny that we all laughed really hard about this one.

4. “Look mom, the house is dizzy,” (after spinning in circles).
I don’t think this one requires an explanation.

Unrelated to the silly little things that the three year old says, my six month old just said “da-da” on Sunday (8/16) which is very exciting! Certainly can’t wait to have more baby talk in the house again.

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