Mum Parking Only

So both times that I have been pregnant I can’t help but feel like pregnant mothers and mothers of infants deserve better parking spots. I can’t tell you how many times I was pregnant parking 30 spots away from the doors to the supermarket. That’s a long walk and a lot of work if you ask me. The only stores I have ever seen that accommodate these two situations are Babies R Us and Toys R Us. 

Frankly, it’s a little insulting. By no means do I believe that anything should be taken away from people who are handicapped. I just can’t understand why there can’t be additional close parking areas for other situations as well. I’ve had two tough pregnancies, one where I was put onto bed rest and another where I could barely walk in the last couple months. These aren’t very uncommon conditions for pregnant women either. I would have so much respect for a store that attempted to make things a little easier.

Not even just for pregnant women but also for parents bringing a young infant to a store as well. Did you know that the average weight of an infant car seat is 10-25 pounds? Adding a baby into that seat brings the total weight to somewhere between 18 and 55 pounds. Carts aren’t always available until you enter a store, a lot of places don’t even have carts, and you could have a long way to walk with that weight.

I understand that having a child is a choice but that doesn’t mean that simple things like going into the store for a gallon of milk has to be a serious work out. What about women recovering from a C-section? I’m not positive about the healing process, but I can imagine that long walks toting heavy objects are probably a big no no. I have honestly left a store before even getting out of the car because there were no parking spots close enough.

Personally, I think that stores should show a little more respect and courtesy towards mothers and parents in general. If you think about a grocery store statistically then these are the people who provide the most business, so why not accommodate them? It’s simple economics, attract the target group who will spend the most money at your store.

Maybe I just sound like a crazy, lazy, entitled mom. This is just something that I think about every time I walk into a store and I see empty handicapped parking spots or I see someone completely able-bodied park in one.

Completely unrelated, I’ve decided to start referring to baby sitting as baby squatting. Baby “sitting” makes it sound like an easy job to do, but we know it’s not. 

4 thoughts on “Mum Parking Only

  1. I totally agree with this, walking when heavily pregnant is no easy task even without any added complications, I used to just go in parent and child spaces, as far as I was concerned I’m a parent with a child even if they weren’t born yet!

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      1. Oh I see, well we do have parent and child spaces here in some places, supermarkets etc but there’s only about 3, and even that’s not enough! But yes I hope where you live they do something about it 🙂

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