Diaper Tips

Figuring out how to parent is naturally done the hard way. There is not any kind of book on what’s best for every given situation, mostly because every child is different. They can’t exactly write a book called Raising Children 101 and account for the fact that some kid is going to flush all of their play-doh down the toilet. The best thing new parents can do is trust their gut, ask family when in need, and maybe occasionally turn to the internet.

One thing that is best not learned the hard way is how to beat the ever exploding diaper. We all know the deal, you just put a fresh diaper on your baby and somehow it still wasn’t enough. I’ve seen enough pee leakage to soak three blankets and I’ve seen poop explosions that went way up the front, back and out both sides. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way how to master the messes.

Step one in serious diaper control:

Make sure it is secured tight enough around the tummy. Don’t cut off circulation to your babies legs or anything, but a diaper shouldn’t be so loose that poop floats upwards and outwards. I like to follow the “dog collar rule” and if I can easily fit my fingers between the diaper and their tummy with no more or less room, we’re good to go.

Step two in avoiding catastrophe:

Ignore the claims made by brand names. I’ll tell you a little secret, all diapers have the ability to hold up just the same as long as you follow step number three.

Step three in keeping clean clothes:

Buy the next size up. So little Jenny is only 12 pounds and should be in size 2, put her in a size 3! There is so much more room for mess inside of a larger diaper. Makes sense, right? Even if your child somehow finds a way to explode out of the next size up, push to the next one. As long as the leg holes aren’t too large and as long as you tighten around the tummy accordingly, then every diaper will fit just fine.

I’ve bought dollar store diapers and followed these little pieces of advice and I immediately stopped having run in’s with run out’s. I will say that overall I do prefer Pampers Swaddlers, I think that the material they are made out of is the softest. There’s no “paper” feeling to them and comfort really matters to me when it comes to my kids. I still follow my own one size too big rule and I have yet to be proven wrong by it.

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