1, 2, 3, Mum

Does alone time even exist anymore? I forget what it’s like to sit down and have a one on one conversation without children chiming in. Or even if it isn’t the kids, there’s so little time for friends and family that we actually find ourselves surrounded by them more often than not. We incorporate everyone we can into our day to day routine because otherwise there would be no time to see them. But where does that leave mom and dad?

At the end of the week I think that my boyfriend and I probably spend maybe ten hours together alone and nine of those ten weekly hours are spent just before we fall asleep. Yes, for us spending alone time means that we’ve both just laid down for bed but haven’t quite fallen asleep yet. The last hour of alone time comes in broken up pieces throughout the days while the kids are napping or… well really just if the kids are napping. Even if we get a baby sitter to go out we always end up asking family and friends to come along.

If there was just a pause button that I could push once in a while to spend some one on one time with my boyfriend I would be so happy. Don’t mistake what I’m saying, I adore every second with my kids. I’m sure other moms and pops can relate. You have one child and your life is a little busier, then you add a second and it’s a little bit busier still (then maybe more). Kids, work, home responsibilities, pets, the time left over at the end of the day is so minuscule. How do we savor every second of it? How do we get just a little bit more of it?

I would love to be one of those couples that has a weekly date night but it isn’t realistic. One day every week just the two of us means that we would miss 52 nights with our kids in just one year. That’s not time I’m willing to miss. Every other week? Maybe. I’m not sure how to balance the whole family and still have time just the two of us.

If anyone has any helpful solutions or ideas comment below, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll keep brainstorming myself and repost with any solutions I find. 

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