The Carousel Park

Finding free or cheap things to do for fun is always an excellent thing and nearby our house we have a park that takes the cake. I’m not certain where else you can find a Carousel Park like the one we visit.IMG_7184

The rides are made for children ages 2-6 (roughly). Instead of your basic “must be this tall,” this park is full of “must be this short.” The only ride where parents can accompany their children is the actual carousel itself. Other than that there are rocket ships, planes, cars, boats and even a miniature Ferris Wheel.

IMG_7179There are so many heart warming things that make this park as special as it is. All (or at least most) of the people working at the park are volIMG_7183unteers. The bricks of the walkway throughout the park have names etched into them in remembrance of people’s loved ones. Within a couple minutes of walking you can easily get to the beach, all the local shops, ice cream and hot dog stands.

Have I mentioned yet that all of the rides only cost 25 cents? Whenever we come here our son gets to ride everything twice and it costs us no more than $3.00. There are some very inexpensive restaurants (and ice cream stands) nearby and even a small shop right inside the park. Not to mention that the beach is free and only a few steps down the road.

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