Family Nature Hike

So far I have crossed a few different things off of my Summer Bucket List and over the weekend it was the hike along the local nature trail. We packed snacks, cold drinks and some candy to munch on then added some additional necessities like sunscreen, diapers, wipes, bug bands and a first aid kit. Our toddler is currently a little i11750733_1112279728799719_8030127109195805524_nnjury prone so making sure that we had band aids and ointment on hand was very important.

As soon as we got to the nature trail we fiddled around with the baby backpack that we had been given as a gift. After about ten minutes of figuring out how to appropriately secure the baby, I realized how hard it is to carry twenty pounds around your neck. We opted to carry him instead. My best friend of nine years and the aunt of my two little boys met us at the trail and we started in.

It didn’t take very long to realize that the bug bands that we purchased didn’t actually work at repelling bugs at all. Although I suppose when you’re walking through a thick network of woods, a lot of bugs are to be expected. Little man felt the need to point out everything that he saw, including when his aunt stepped on a spider, and we did the same for him. He got up close and personal with two snakes, a toad and allowed me to set him in the midst of the stream below the waterfall (on a relatively dry rock).

After about two hours of walking steep hills and long winding trails, we left and made our way to a local burger stand for some good eats. All in all, despite swarms of bugs and the high humidity, I believe we all had a wonderful time. Maybe I will just “forget” to cross that off of my list and we will do it again.

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