Cool Things For Mums & Dads

The very first thing I want to introduce is Groovebook. Getting pictures printed can be so expensive, in fact I spent about $400 on pictures in one and a half years, Groovebook changed that. For about $3 every month you can get one hundred pictures (slightly larger than a 4×6 but not quite 5×7) and they get mailed directly to you! Here’s how it works…

  1. You search and download the Groovebook app onto your smart phone.
  2. Subscribe to their services.
  3. Pay the first month (I’m pretty sure it’s $3.23 after tax).
  4. Choose and upload your pictures.
  5. Enjoy!

The only catch is that you have to upload pictures from your phone by a specific date, you cannot log onto your computer and choose photos from there.

Another really neat thing, which I found on Pinterest, is You mail this company a picture that your child has drawn and they bring it to life on a pillow or in the form of a stuffed animal. I haven’t been able to do this yet myself, so I have no experience with this company but the website is full of adorable examples! As soon as my son can draw more than a bunch of squiggly lines, I will try this out personally.

I know it’s just a couple of things but when it comes to pictures and neat things for kids these two things take the cake! If you know of anything neat that you would like to share, please comment below. Thanks!!

2 thoughts on “Cool Things For Mums & Dads

  1. Great suggestions! My sister-in-law uses Groovebook and loves it!! They will look so cute over the years, neatly stacked and perfectly aligned on a shelf like a little picture library of all the memories. 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

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