Tricking Toddlers Into Eating Vegetables

Almost every child is bound to go through a phase where they refuse to eat vegetables. Some kids don’t like green stuff, some swear off of carrots, some wont even look at a tomato. Whatever they’ve sworn off of, there is a way to beat it.

My oldest boy ate hummus before ice cream, by choice, when he was younger. Nowadays if there is even one veggie on his plate he’ll avoid it like the plague, but you’d better believe I have found ways around this.

Meatballs – my son adores meatballs. Fun fact: if you remove the florets from broccoli and put the teeny tiny dark green pieces in the meatball mix, they cook up nice and you can’t even taste them.
French Toast if you say cake and french toast in the same sentence, your child has to be crazy to turn it down. My carrot hating little man seems to miss the “carrot” flavor of my Carrot Cake French Toast and equally as delicious Carrot Cake Pancakes. Both are simple.
With the french toast, make your basic egg and milk mixture but add some ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and some grated carrots. Top the french toast with a little powdered sugar and voila! As for the pancakes, same thing, you mix up the pancake batter exactly as you normally would and then mix in your same spices and grated carrots; serve with syrup.

h – Alright, so my toddler doesn’t like noodles and there isn’t really a good way to hide those. Regardless, I have found that the easiest ways to hide vegetables in goulash is to make sure they go with the flavor. Typically I will hide minced bell peppers, onions and a lot of tomatoes in my goulash. Thanks to the spaghetti sauce, you can’t even see that they’re in there.

These are just three of the easiest ways I have found to sneak in some much needed vegetables. Another easy way to sneak them in is with soups, I have found that peas, carrots, green beans and celery go down a lot easier inside a tasty bowl of soup. If you would like more hidden vegetable recipes comment below for things like mashed potatoes, sandwiches, pizza and more!

I will be trying to hide some vegetables inside some fruity smoothies coming up soon (thanks again to my wonderful new Nutri Ninja). I will update if that can be accomplished, I feel that the color of the drink may give it away.

4 thoughts on “Tricking Toddlers Into Eating Vegetables

  1. Hey I like that carrot cake french toast idea. its breakfast time, maybe we will have it. My son is extremely picky, but my daughter will eat whatever you give her. Thanks

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