Making Baby Food

This is an update on Taking On Baby Food.

Over the last two and a half weeks or so I have been making baby food for our little peanut and honestly it is much easier and far less time consuming than I previously thought it would be. A lot of people scared me away from making baby food when my older boy was little and thinking back on it, I wish I gave it a go back then.

So far, in our kitchen, some pretty tasty little combinations have been cooked up. Originally I was contemplating apples, carrots or parsnips for a “first food.”  I did purchase parsnips and frankly I personally thought that they tasted absolutely horrible. Maybe I was unlucky and got a bitter bunch of rotten ones but YUCK! Never again. That batch did not pass the mum taste test and went directly into the trash.

We ended up going with an apple and carrot combo baby food for baby’s first tastes. Normally, combos are not recommended so early in the game because it makes it harder to figure out allergies if your child has a bad reaction. Our little peanut already had a very brief introduction to apples before which is why I had no problem going straight into that particular combination.

All together the food that I have made includes:

Apples with pears.
Carrots and apples.

That’s it. I just bought some enormous sweet potatoes from the farm stand down the road and I intend on doing those up in my fancy new mini-blender! Random fact: I have an extreme obsession with different appliances and just recently got a Nutri Ninja Pro Deluxe (BL451). Thanks to this little darling I expect making baby food to go a lot faster (my really old Magic Bullet is going to take a dirt nap soon). The Nutri Ninja is a little bit pricey but I’ve tested it by making a couple smoothies so far and it does wonders! I’m so excited.

Some personal tips I have found through making baby food:

If you plan to make it fresh and often, don’t make too big of batches. A lot of cooked vegetables and fruits do not have a very long refrigerator shelf life.

Don’t use ice cube trays. It’s messy and who really wants to accidentally plop pureed peas into their water glass in the middle of the night? Ziploc makes some really small, one touch close, containers. They’re air tight and you can choose how much you want to fill the container. (I fill mine 3/4).

A lot of people post recipes for boiling the fruits and vegetables for baby food. I have been steaming all of mine because I think it is healthier. Vitamins and nutrients are lost into the water when you boil foods so if you don’t use all of the cooking water when you puree the baby food, you are losing a lot of the good stuff.

Make sure you temperature test the food! Homemade baby food must be warmed up because it is stored in the refrigerator. The small Ziploc containers I have (3/4 full) only take about 25-30 seconds to reheat. You can also purchase color changing baby spoons that change when food is warm. I have a few and the hotter the food is the faster they change.

I’ll update again in the future with some steamed baby food recipes.

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