The Price Of Family Fun

By no means does everything family oriented cost an arm and a leg, there are so many free or inexpensive things you can do as a family and have a blast. With that said, have fairs and festivals always been this expensive?

I come from a small city surrounded by small towns that honestly do not have the kind of cash these places expect of you. Luckily for my family, our youngest can’t ask for things yet. We took both kids over to a local festival hosted minutes from our house over the weekend. This is a festival that happens every year, tons of local vendors bring in food trucks, a lot of people set up tents with things for sale. There are rides and games and a lot of children’s activities (usually). On Friday, we found ourselves smack in the middle of a dozen food vendors with little to no games in sight. $7.00 for a pirate sword, $2.00 for a pirate hook, $9.00 for a hot dog and french fries, $15 for 20 tickets (equal to 3 rides), etc. The only games in sight were more adult than anything (I Got It! and the game where you put in countless coins hoping to recoup your money). Obviously we didn’t spend a literal arm and leg, but in two hours we nearly spent $50! My older boy had a blast, shared his pirate sword with the baby, we played pirates and took pictures. I’m not denying that it was a good time but I noticed less things to do and more things to buy.

When I was a little girl, the local fair could not have been so pricey. I seem to recall walking around for hours on end with a few rolls of quarters and leaving with a full stomach, tons of prizes and maybe even a fish. There were more activities and less booths of things to buy. It’s been years since I was small enough to ride the rides or fairly compete for a goldfish, but it seems unfair that my children will only remember fairs as outdoor shopping centers…

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