A Letter To My Boys

So many people these days stay constantly looking for the next thing.

A better job.
A better car.
A better place to live.
A better person to love…
A better … everything.

I guess it’s human nature to want more, it might even be human nature to feel like you deserve more, but there are certain things that you should learn to be happy with.

Accept the love you receive and if you feel short changed, if you feel like you deserve more don’t just leave. There is a reason the people who love you put up with your nonsense the same way that you put up with theirs. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, sometimes people just move on and require a change. That’s okay. Don’t feel guilt for doing what you need to, if you feel the love fade and you can’t adjust the colors, move on and find the bright and burning love that’s waiting for you out there. But if you put no effort in then everything you ever have and everything you ever get will deteriorate in front of you.

Work hard, take care and fix whatever breaks in your relationship once you do find the person that you love and you will never have to look for something new. Love is a two way street and sometimes it’s lined with potholes. Take it slow and know that the road smooths out eventually.

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