Summer Bucket List

Now that there are two little ones in our house I feel the need to plan things out a bit more to ensure we all have a good (worry-free) time. My goal for summer is to choose a lot of fun and inexpensive activities that we can build memories from.

Summer Bucket List:

  1. Walk the nature trail.
  2. Visit the beach.
  3. Build a sand castle.
  4. Check out the aquarium.
  5. Go to the zoo.
  6. Go to the local fair.
  7. Play at different playgrounds.
  8. Play putt-putt.
  9. Go get (lots of) ice cream.
  10. Play with squirt guns.
  11. Go swimming.
  12. Have a water balloon war.
  13. Go see the waterfalls.
  14. Take a boat ride.
  15. Visit the Fire Station.
  16. Go to the Botanical Gardens.
  17. Watch fireworks.
  18. Play with sidewalk chalk.
  19. Play in the sprinkler.
  20. Go out of state.
  21. Visit a farm.
  22. Pick some berries.
  23. Have a picnic.
  24. Get family pictures taken.
  25. Visit a water park.

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