Bossy Butt

I’ve said it before and will say it again, there is a threenager on the loose in my home. The level of sass coming from this little boy on a nearly day to day basis is too much sometimes though he hasn’t crossed any major lines … yet.

Flashback to the other day. The small chest of toys that we have in the family room for the baby made its way into the bathroom. From the couch I can spot my older boy standing on the chest and I simply ask him to “please get down and put the toys back where they belong.” First he looked at me with a bit of a blank expression and then he sat down on a stool beside the box and said to me, “I’m gonna’ sit here, and I’m done. I’m gonna’ wait until you’re done with your attitude.” I was flabbergasted and trying to hold back laughter because I know if I giggle it will only encourage this behavior. Apparently my saying nothing must have pushed a button because then a little louder than before he said, “I’m the boss and I’m not gonna’ do it!”

I had it, I laughed, there was no holding it in. If there was any way to properly explain the expressions on his face I would do so. A little coaxing and surely enough I won the battle of the baby toys. The box was returned to it’s proper placement in the living room.

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