In A World With Marriage Equality

Just recently The Supreme Court came to an understanding that marriage equality is in fact guaranteed to each and every citizen. There are a lot of mixed feelings about what this means for our country, but what does it mean for our children? Is this the kind of world we want our kids to grow up in?

The United States has been a slow moving battle since day one to give everyone equal rights and opportunities. Let’s think for a moment about how long the LGBT community has been waiting for this. There is a lot of religious scrutiny about what all of this will mean for America and a lot of hateful things have been said in regards to it. My boys are too young to understand the importance of what just happened, they are too young to know the differerainbownce between gay and straight, they don’t yet understand prejudice and hate. I’m thankful that one day when my children look back at the history made in my lifetime they can see that differences were made and that changes took place.

The passing of marriage equality represents the understanding that love has no boundaries. This is without a doubt the state of mind that I want my children to grow up in. When you put stipulations on basic human rights you breed the idea that certain things are “wrong” or “unacceptable.” When you open up the laws and accept the choices of each individual you create a better mindset to treat everyone the same.

Children raised in today’s society are sure to develop the ability to better accept their peers regardless of sexuality and will one day wonder what took us so long?

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