Raising Picasso

You would think that it would be common sense that you don’t leave a three year old unattended with a paint brush and five bottles of paint. If it is common sense, then I am certainly lacking.Paint

We have never really had any kind of trouble before with art supplies, one instance where a door was given a “crayon makeover” but nothing before and nothing since. I suppose I underestimated how messy a toddler can really be. Today my son decided he wanted to paint and so we set him up with a dish of paints, a paintbrush and put on his smock to protect his clothes. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I would not have gone outside for the few minutes that I had.

Inside there was paint on just about everything including the couch, table, the dog and of course all over the toddler. He flipped his project over and smeared paint all over the place. In addition to all of this, the dish of paints that we had given to him was now spilling over with the color yellow. Paint everywhere.

Oh my little Picasso.

3 thoughts on “Raising Picasso

  1. This was beautiful!! it’s a memory, not a mess! You’ll definitely laugh for decades to come! Thank you for sharing and showing me that we can be the best Moms in the world without looking like the crazy Stepford Wives. 🙂 Enjoy your picasso!!

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