No Funny Business.

To piggyback off of Taking On Baby Food, last night on my way home I stopped at the local produce market and picked out some basic fruits and vegetables that seemed like they would make good “first tastes” for the baby. Among the options are pears, bananas, carrots, and parsnips.

It was really hard to pick one food to start with.

I decided to get going with the pears, since they’re one of my favorite fruits, and while they were cooking I chopped up the parsnips. Pears in, pears out, pears blended and jarred up. Next went the parsnips. In case you have no idea what parsnips are, they look like BIG white carrots. The problem that I ran into was that after they were steamed and blended they tasted absolutely disgusting. A whole batch of parsnips made their way to the garbage can. I followed up that tragedy with carrots and then a carrot and apple mixture which was actually really delicious.

All baby foods will be posted on a later date.

No salt. No sugar. No preservatives. No funny business.
Just homemade baby food.


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