Taking On Baby Food

Tonight is the night.
baby foodcropped

Nervous and excited both equally describe how I feel about making my own baby food at home to feed to my little one. On the plus side, no preservatives, lengthly time on a shelf,  and only ingredients handpicked by me will make it into each batch. All of these things considered the quality of the baby food should be incomparable. However, there’s something to be said about “leaving things to the professionals.” Am I venturing into this with false confidence? What are the risks that I run?

Today I’ll be stopping by the local produce market on my way home for a handful of fruits and vegetables to get started with, though I haven’t quite decided on what to make first. That being said, if anyone has any suggestions for what they recommend you give a baby as a “first taste” comment below, so far all I’ve encountered are split decisions on if it should be a fruit or vegetable. Likewise, if you or someone you know have made homemade baby food in the past and you follow along in this process with me, let’s talk because I would love to get a little forum going for women who are interested in taking the plunge but unsure.

Supplies that I have gathered include:

A large steamer pot.
Magic bullet blender.
My hand blender.
Some tiny plastic containers (though I might switch to itty-bitty mason jars).

Future me popping in to comment here. The reason that I went ahead and used plastic at the time was because I planned to freeze the baby food in small batches and I was concerned about freezing and thawing glass containers. I didn’t want to weaken the glass and end up with a dangerous accident, like shards of glass in the food. Though I depise plastic for a multitude of reasons, I justified this decision out of safety to my son. However, if I could go back in time I probably would have done more extensive research into more eco-friendly containers. *Bye*

If you catch me early enough in this process and notice I am doing something wrong, please fill me in. Ignorance is not bliss. Thank you all for reading.


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