Taking On Baby Food

Tonight is the night.
baby foodcropped

Despite my excitement, I have been putting off making my first ever batch of baby food for a few days now. I’ll be stopping by the local produce store or farmers market on my way home for some tasty fruits and vegetables. I haven’t quite decided on what baby food to make and feed to the munchkin first so if anyone has any suggestions, please comment below.

Brainstorming with the papa bear has me thinking that apples may not be a very good “first” food and maybe we should try carrots or parsnips.

All of the supplies that I’ve gathered for this undertaking include:

A rather large steamer.
My Magic Bullet (my favorite appliance to love & hate).
My hand blender (love, love, love this thing).
Some tiny plastic containers (though I might switch to itty-bitty mason jars).

If you or someone you know has made homemade baby food before, please comment below if I am missing anything important. It would be dreadful to get half way done and hit a bump in the road.
I’m also 100% open to any helpful advice! Thank you!!

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